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We are owned and operated by a very elite group of experienced entertainment managers and special event producers. Our experience team managers come with over 30 years experience in management, entertainment, events, advertising, marketing, radio & tv promotions to fully service our clients with the best of both worlds. We have partnered and co-produced successful entertainment events for over 2 decades with a variety of Artists, Agencies and Casinos.

Entertainment + Management + Productions


When it comes to the Management & Special Event Productions, we know how to captivate our targeted audience.  We are committed to servicing with the highest level of integrity. Our staff recipe for success is simple- Relationships + Integrity + Longevity = Success.   It's never just about business. We build relationships with our clients for LIFE. Its our passion to serve. Therefore, its NEVER considered work. We simply love what we do. We are all about our Talent + Content + Brands.

Entertainment + Management + Productions


The strengths of building brands are to create the ultimate fan experience. One of our primary client focus is to strengthen the client + fan experience. Fan retention is a very important element = repeated customers. We help our clients build LifeLong fans not followers. Loyal Fans buy and support our clients products. Our clients business models are strategically built around our clients strengths- -your target market.


Entertainment + Management + Production